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    1. Faulty Equipment

    When we find unsafe equipment we should:

     Replace any faulty plugs, leads, power boards, retest and put back in service if possible. Note: there are some repairs which require a licensed electrician. Tag with a danger tag; inform the person responsible and remove from service.

    2. Retest Period - AS3760 states certain retest periods apply to particular equipment environments, as follows:

    • 3 months—Equipment used in construction and equipment hired out.
    • 6 months—Factories, workshops, places of manufacture, assembly, maintenance or fabrication. Commercial cleaning equipment.
    • 12 months—Equipment or supply cord subject to flexing in normal use OR open to abuse OR in a hostile environment.
    • 2 years—Residential areas (hotels, boarding houses etc.)
    • 5 years—Equipment or supply cord NOT subject to flexing in normal use and is NOT open to abuse and is NOT in a hostile environment.

    Our recommendation: For most office environments computers, monitors and printers should be tagged from 3 to 5 years, and the leads every 1 to 2 years.

    What are your testing and tagging frequency requirements?

    • tag computers, monitors printers etc in offices every year(s).
    • tag all leads and powerboards in offices every year(s).
    • tag factories workshops and warehouses every

    3. Additional Services -

    Would you like us to give you a quote to:

     Test Microwave Oven Leakage Trace and label circuits Test all fixed RCDs Test all powerpoints for safety

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