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    How to save dollars on your next Three Pin Testing/Tagging

    Are you satisfied with our testing and tagging service?  Would you like to see your business associates benefit as well?  If so we may be able to save you some money on your next testing and tagging bill.

    All you need to do is fill in the form below giving us the contact details of any persons or companies that may be interested in electrical safety compliance. These may be affiliate companies, suppliers, customers or just business contacts. Make as many referrals as you like.  These can be anywhere in Melbourne.

    We will approach the company, telling them you are satisfied with our work and have referred us.  If they engage our services, the first time we do a job for them 15% of the value of the work will be applied as a reduction to your next testing and tagging invoice, up to the full amount of your invoice. For example, if 15% of the referral’s invoice is $200, then you would get a $200 reduction on your next invoice…as a thank you for your referral.

    Response Form